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Sharing learning Insights

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How the App works

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Insights are those moments when you suddenly “connect the dots” and you have a deeper understanding of something. It is the moment you “make sense” out of something which may not have been clear before. Sharing Insights is a powerful way for collaborative groups to significantly enhance collective wisdom. The mobile App allows you to share your learning moments across the learning community and receive appreciative feedback in terms of a simple rating scale.

How Insights work

This option is a Blog-like contextual knowledge sharing method to offer little knowledge nuggets and learning moments into a  collaborative group. These are simply random and ad hoc pieces of contextualised information which will add value to the general knowledge harvesting and sharing process as part of a collective professional development process.


Insights can only be rated for their value and quality of contribution to the group and there is no interaction option.






= Good Insight

= Useful Insight

= Great Insight

= Significant Insight

= Excellent Insight

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