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My Goal Quest


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How the App works


This App encourages you to envision and articulate a compelling Goal Quest which will help to motivate and keep you on track as you overcome any challenges and barriers along the way. It will help you to accomplish your ultimate Goal Quest through a series of smaller deliberate Goals and career accomplishments over the next few years

How the Goal Quest methodology works

Your Goal Quest should be something really worth striving for and should stretch you to new heights. The process is designed to create a personal and emotional connection between you and “the powerful feelings of success” that you wish to experience when you have achieved your Goal Quest. The Goal Quest methodology consists of the following elements and processes:


  • Capture a Goal Quest Image – this is a visualisation of the feeling of success or the actual achievement – and will typically take at least 5 years to get there – it is not a short-term Goal;

  • Capture a Goal Quest Vision – this is a carefully thought-through and well-articulated Vision Statement that makes your Goal Quest explicit so that others can understanding it. Together with your Goal Quest Image, it should provide a very compelling message of powerful intent.

  • Capture your Motivation for Success – this should explain the “why” you want to achieve your Goal Quest and your deep emotional connections to the benefits and values to you that are associated with achieving it. This is very important as it will help to keep you motivated and on track when the going gets tough;

  • Capture your Success Slogan – this is essentially your rallying call and should be short, sharp, and inspirational;

  • Capture any Challenges and Barriers – these are any known “rocks in the road” or significant hurdles that you will have to overcome to achieve your Goal Quest. Mark them as complete every time you overcome one and the App will then keep a record of your journey of accomplishments for you, which could be used as a powerful logbook of achievements for a prospective promotion or new position that you are aiming for;

  • Capture your Strategies for Success – these are the carefully-considered strategies that you will implement to overcome all your Challenges and Barriers. They should be kept up to date so that as Challenges and Barriers are marked as complete, strategies are also completed and new ones developed.

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