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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ”

Alvin Toffler - Futurist

The KMG App methodology and programs are ideal for the following types of organisations:

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The program-based B2B, B2G and B2B2C mobile App solutions are designed to empower and enable small, medium and large organisations with the flow of contextual conversations that make up the critical “knowledge-pulse” of the organisation. These vital signs provide executives with essential insight into the daily health and happiness of the organisation.

  • Corporate Licences

  • Channel Partners

  • Master Licencee Options

  • Train-the-Trainer Options

  • People-Centric Companies

  • Training Companies

  • Consulting Companies

“Moment-of-need” and “speed-of-need” are critical success factors in all knowledge-intensive environments where context is king and the ability to respond with enhanced contextual understanding in changing and unfamiliar situations transforms human learning and capability development to a level never possible before.

  • Do you need to urgently reduce the unnecessary costs of repetitive and predictable mistakes?

  • Is knowledge at the core of your organisation's value proposition?

Structured and theme-based knowledge exchange in relationships of trust within a recognised and rewarded knowledge quest unlocks the volunteered wisdom of the crowd in complex organisations – driving engagement, saving money, reducing risk and creating new exponential value.

Company and corporate program licenses options are available, as well as Channel and VAR distribution licences.


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The program-based B2B, B2G and B2B2C mobile App solutions are ideal for enabling large scale transformation and empowerment projects with a focus on driving global equality, diversity and inclusivity initiatives..

  • Company EDI/CSI Projects

  • Unemployed Graduates

  • Scaled Education Initiatives

  • Gender Equality Mentoring

  • Disabled Communities

  • UN - SDG  Impact Initiatives

  • Societal & Earth Impact

  • Are you a truly "social enterprise" with a need to make a substantial and meaningful local or global impact?

  • Is knowledge-exchange on your agenda for creating sustainability and transformation?

A significant body of evidence shows that years of paying lip-service to these global sustainability imperatives has not worked. The KMG solutions are ideal for mobilising large groups of connected and concerned organisations and individuals, in secure relationships of trust, who really want to make a meaningful difference through collective wisdom and measured impact.

The KMG solutions support the management, monitoring and moderation of secure data and the collective thinking of large groups of people bonded by common values and shared visions, on important and sometimes sensitive topics.  

Company and corporate program license options are available, as well as Channel and VAR distribution licences.


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  • Universities & Colleges

  • Connect Dispersed Alumni

  • Post Graduates & MBA’s

  • Sectoral Training Authorities

  • Academic Boards & Bodies

  • Qualification Authorities

  • Learn "Before-During-After"

  • Do you need a solution for accelerating and monitoring the career progress of your young graduates and alumni?

  • Is there potential value in the connections and associations of your widely dispersed alumni?  

The program-based Academic and mobile App-enabled Learning and Development solutions are ideal for all types of academic and learning institutions which have a need to improve the duration and quality of the learner experience and to maintain better contact with their students, graduates and alumni – before, during and after learning.  

The permanently connected alumni of learning institutions provides a powerful knowledge mentoring cascade that can be mobilized and leveraged to do great good and drive important learning or societal enhancement initiatives. It also maintains important learning institution brand awareness and provides future learning and development opportunities as alumni climb the corporate ladders.

The well-researched benefits of maintaining the “contextual loop” after content and curriculum-based learning supports new levels of accelerated people capacitation. These can also be combined with social enterprise initiatives where unemployed graduates can be included in nation building and national work-readiness programs supported by academic and learning institutions with corporate or institutional funding.

Institution and  program license options are available, as well as Channel and VAR distribution licences.


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The program-based B2B, B2G and B2B2C mobile App solutions are ideal for professional bodies, industry councils, learned societies and sectoral training authorities who have a need to improve their level of career support and experiential mentoring to their members.

  • Professional Bodies

  • Voluntary Associations

  • Learned Societies

  • Professional Registration

  • Continuing Development

  • Industry Associations

  • Trade Associations

  • Do you need a professional career-enabling platform to manage and monitor the progression of your members and professionals?

  • Is effective career mentoring a critical component of professional development?

Graduate acceleration and candidacy development programs are often unstructured and left to the devices of individuals and over-worked managers who have limited time to focus on multiple graduate careers and highly individualized professional developmental needs and nuances. An added benefit is that managers and seasoned professionals can use the mobile knowledge exchanges to validate their own continuing professional development (CPD).

Our well-researched career acceleration and evidence-based learning methodology, with the unique mobile Apps and personal career management analytics platforms ensures the critical balance between professional development and professional registration. Interns, apprentices, graduates, candidates and young professionals can maintain “always on” connectivity with mentors, managers and subject matter experts who are able to nudge and nurture their development whilst never having to meet face-to-face.

Professional body and institutional license options are available, as well as sector specific Channel and VAR distribution licences.


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