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Developing Experiential Capabilities


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How the App works

Mentor Excellerator Capabilities Screen.

Your journey towards achieving your Goals will be strongly underpinned by your ability to identify and develop critical Experiential Capabilities which consist of the essential enablers of your Goal achievement – Skills, Knowledge, Behaviours, Lessons and Relationships. The mobile App allows you to add up to 5 Experiential Capabilities to each Goal, as well as up to 3 Tasks and an unlimited number of Mentoring Conversation Notes.

How the Experiential Capabilities methodology works

The successful achievement of Goals is generally very dependent on the development of one or more new 

and inter-related “Core Capabilities”. Developing new Capabilities usually involves the well-crafted synthesis of combining new competency development with practical experiences and lessons learned as well as connecting with the best people possible. Hence the term “Experiential Capability” as opposed to traditional Competencies.


To get the mentoring conversations started, some typical questions and conversation starters that a Mentor and Mentee may discuss are as follows: 

What does the term “Experiential Capability” mean to you?

  • How do new Capabilities impact superior work and professional performance?

  • If your job or career could talk, what Capability would it describe as being most important?

  • What would be the best sources or methods for acquiring these Capabilities?

What does the term "Knowledge and Know-How" mean to you?

This is often a combination of academic achievement and “experiential wisdom” and provides a more confident understanding of a subject area which in turn enhances the potential to optimise the use and application of newly acquired skills and abilities for a specific purpose or outcome. It involves acquiring a deeper contextual understanding and situational relevancy of a subject and any associated circumstances through focused study and experience.

What does the term "Skills and Abilities" mean to you?

These are typically new technical or functional proficiencies, talents, capabilities or capacities which are needed  to accomplish increasingly complex tasks and activities and can be acquired through combinations of training and experience. They can be “generalist” in nature or are highly specialised and facilitate the ability to achieve new levels of performance or professional output.

What does the term “Behaviours and Attitude” mean to you?

These are generally natural, learned or adopted human responses connected to our personal values systems. This will usually dictate how we feel and respond, both behaviourally and emotionally to other people and / or changes to the immediate environment in which we find ourselves and even to the stimuli of external sources and people that impact on our personal values and normal behaviours.

What does the term “Experiences and Lessons” mean to you?

These are generally the source of essential contextual knowledge and experiential wisdom. This is gained through exposure to or participation in a project or an event or some “happening”, or even through just hearing or watching or reading about these events, which leads to profound new insights and associative 

learning and therefore a more confident understanding of the world which cannot be gained by training alone.

What does the term “Relationships and Networks” mean to you?

This is the knowledge-network of people, subject matter experts and knowledge-focused groups with whom you have or can develop knowledge-sharing and knowledge exchange relationships. Hyper-connected social networks and the unlockable people / knowledge / potential value chain of widely dispersed expert relationships and the “wisdom of the collective” (often referred to as the “wisdom of the crowd” or distributed cognition) are amongst the most powerful and immediate sources of contextual knowledge, situational relevancy and experiential wisdom on the planet. 

As the wise old saying goes, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know"

Understanding the Capabilities Rating model

This App provides all participants with the ability to rate the Experiential Capabilities on a scale from 1 to 5 as explained below:

= Low Standard

Major improvement needed

Less than acceptable and does not meet minimum requirements in almost all areas.

= Limited Standard

Some improvement needed

Acceptable in some areas, but still lacking in specific and important areas.

3 = Average Standard 


Acceptable level of performance in many areas and meets most requirements.

4 = Very Good Standard 


More than acceptable and exceeds requirements in most areas.

5 = Excellent Standard 


Exceptional level of performance in all areas

Mentor Excellerator Capabilities Rating
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