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Preparing professional presentations

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ME Presentation - Invite

How the App works

Presentations are the ideal opportunity to show the very best version of you, your organisation, your products and your services. This includes a complex combination of your skills, knowledge, behaviours and values   all wrapped up in your important personal connection and engagement with the audience. The mobile App will allow you to plan presentations and invite peers and professionals with whom you are engaged in a knowledge sharing, structured mentoring or experiential learning program and obtain invaluable feedback from them directly to your mobile App. The App will also allow the mentee, mentor and manager to confidentially view the collective feedback and ratings and work together on any developmental areas identified.

Developing Professional Presentations

Many professional bodies and institutions, as well as prospective employers, will require a presentation and professional interview with a panel of senior people. This is therefore a critical skill to develop and perfect    and a key developmental factor in mastering presentation skills and professional interviews is the ability to   listen to feedback from a variety of different people and to be able to adapt to the important messages in the feedback.


The App functionality will allow your peers and professional colleagues to give you very valuable feedback in four specific developmental areas as well as a consolidated rating on their enjoyment of your Presentation. You then have the ability to confidentially review the feedback and comments in you own time and work on any opportunities for improvement that you identify.

Giving and receiving feedback on Presentations using the App

Presentation Content & Context

This is a measure of the quality of research, preparation, fundamental new knowledge and key principles demonstrated in the presentation which may be a combination of progress on their Goals and Capabilities

Partnership & Gathering Process

This is a measure of the clear indication of mentorship involvement or guidance as well as the effective collaborative gathering and knowledge acquisition process with experts, peers and others.

Presentation Style & Skills

This is a measure of the quality of engagement with the audience, voice projection, eye contact, professional mannerisms and time management.

Further Use & Application

This is a measure of sufficiency of evidence that the presenter (mentee) has mastered their Goal, Capability or new Experiential Capability to the degree that they could show, teach or correct others ... or even improve the current system.

Presentation skills is one of the most frequently trained “soft skills” in the world and is not just a competency required for public speakers and presenters.


Everyone will at some stage experience the important need to be able to effectively present, not only themselves and their professional progress in some form of interview, but also their organisation or their own services in the most professional and compelling way possible. 



This App provides mentors and peers with the ability to rate the Presentation on a scale from 1 to 5 as well as the ability to offer feedback, advice and insight on how to improve the presentations in the future:

Understanding the Presentations Rating model

This App provides all participants with the ability to rate the Presentations on a scale from 1 to 5 as explained below:

= Low Standard

Major improvement needed

Less than acceptable and does not meet minimum requirements in almost all areas.

= Limited Standard

Some improvement needed

Acceptable in some areas, but still lacking in specific and important areas.

3 = Average Standard 


Acceptable level of performance in many areas and meets most requirements.

4 = Very Good Standard 


More than acceptable and exceeds requirements in most areas.

5 = Excellent Standard 


Exceptional level of performance in all areas

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