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An idea whose time had to come

"Knowledge Swarms and Experiential Hives"

The power of connected thinking t
o solve big problems.


In the beginning there was a problem

  1. It started by identifying a BIG problem which became an idea and then a concept paper that won an award

  2. It then morphed into a book that focussed on problem-solving at a national level

  3. Which then became a series of industry presentations, journal articles, and several more published book chapters & practitioner papers

  4. And evolved into a mobile App enabler which won an industry award at MVP stage

The story behind solving an intractable problem involves combining the vast career experiences and lessons learned of the passionate founders, with a highly capable "brain trust" of world-class advisers and a proven software development team to produce a transformative professional development solution that will address complex global challenges with "smart" learning solutions

The story to solve the unsolved problem

Our Journey to MVP and revenues

Our evolving journey now includes

  • a purpose-driven globalisation plan

  • experienced executive leadership

  • top-class technology team

  • experienced support team

  • world-class Set Squared (Surrey) technology incubator base

  • membership and support from UK Gov GEP Program

  • and our exciting global channel partner network

  • with quality clients and two nation-building programs launched

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A proud member of:

KM App mockup over Surrey.png

A proud member of:

A proud member of:

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