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Customisable mobile App and web-based professional development platform unlocks critical experiential learning and accelerates the journey to professional registration or chartered status 

Our purpose-driven programs and platform-enabled knowledge exchange helps to solve complex problems, avoid repetitive mistakes and creates new value through integrated AI-enhanced knowledge-acquisition on-demand 

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NOW.CULI and our MHQ analytic web platform combine to harness the power of human collaboration, lessons learned, and AI-enhanced knowledge bases that will solve intractable industry-wide problems and create new opportunities for improvement. 


A purpose-driven, expert collaboration space offering spontaneous, structured, secure, and scalable knowledge exchange with context & care on-demand, thereby helping to solve real problems in appropriate time frames and with the requisite knowledge and know-how.

This powerful combination of peer-to-peer and peer-to-professional knowledge exchange, combined with industry-specific AI-enhanced knowledge bases and filtered through trusted experts produces a Virtual Expert Mentor and career-long companion.

Enabling the intersection between man and machine through curated content with trusted context to advance the methods, sciences, and technologies needed to solve the complex engineering and sustainability challenges of the future.

Please note that NOW.CULI & the Mentoring Head Quarters (MHQ) web engagement analytics portal is only available to registered participants on approved client programs



NOW.CULAR and our CHQ personalised career management platform provide important direction, learning structure, and developmental progress monitoring for effective career planning and journey management from graduate to professional.


A personalised professional development eco-system that ensures the optimum journey from graduate to seasoned professional. Goal-driven personal career progression and milestone tracking, with underpinning experiential capabilities and focus areas.


Powerful career management and monitoring platform for evidence-based development builds a career-long learning ledger with validated progression of learning moments through journaling, mentoring conversations and micro-credentialing.

The professionals of the immediate future require new and better ways of developing professional competencies and capabilities through real and simulated projects that solve complex engineering problems and develop the modern multi-skilled professionals needed 

Please note that NOW.CULAR & the personalised Career Head Quarters (CHQ) progress portal is only available to registered users on approved client programs. 

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