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Rapidly declining numbers of competent young "STEM" professionals entering the workforce is threatening economic growth & global sustainability 

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The compounded global impact of "human factor" errors across major industry sectors is an unstainable $Tn annual risk and cost to society
KMG develops and enables technology solutions that support sector-wide initiatives which help to build the advances needed in science and technology to solve global engineering and sustainability problems.

We integrate the best of collaborative experiences, real human ingenuity & AI-enhanced knowledge bases to solve the big unsolved & repetitive problems in knowledge-intensive and highly complex working environments
According to the annual HKA CRUX Reports (2018 to 2022), the global cost of claims, disputes, and extensions of time in the Engineering and Construction sector alone is estimated to be in the region of  $46o Bn per annum.

This does not include loss of life and other liability or 3rd party claims.

This problem is getting worse. 
With a focus on knowledge-intensive environments such as Engineering and Construction, our digital solutions integrate AI-enhanced learning networks and trusted experts across multiple managed progams, solving:
  • Repetitive & predictable mistakes
  • High-risk / high-cost human error
  • The negative impact on sustainability
  • Disempowered & marginalised groups
Our App and SaaS-based platform enable a program-based approach to solve both common and uncommon problems using the power of distributed thinking, AI-enhanced knowledge bases & peer to peer/professional knowledge exchange:
  • Context-rich decision-making & support
  • Situationally relevant problem solving
  • Competency framework alignment
  • Accelerated professional development
Our purpose-driven, methodology-enabling SaaS solutions have proven equally effective across multiple other verticals besides Engineering and Construction.

KMG is a UK-based late-stage start-up and is also engaged in empowering two large-scale Nation Building initiatives across sub-Saharan Africa:

  •  MASELULEKANE Candidacy Mentoring and Support Programme,
  • "Women in the Built Environment" (WITBE) Programme.

Collaboration Partner References

“The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) is on a purposeful pathway of renewal towards growth and excellence. It is choosing its growth partners with care and with the particular purpose of collaborative initiatives that will address the strategic objective of professionalisation of the engineering sector. To enhance and accelerate conversion rates of Candidate Engineers to become professionally registered persons, strategic initiatives need to be managed through purpose-driven and structured candidacy mentoring and support programs, resulting in much-needed growth of critical skills within the engineering pipeline in South Africa.

KMG, as a strategic ECSA partner for supporting engineering candidates on their journey towards professional registration, provides a bespoke technology enabler and eco-system that ensures discipline-specific professional development, structured learning, and personalised career mentoring solutions that promises to deliver candidates and new professionals of the highest levels of professionalism and excellence”. 

Dr Franciska Bothma, Executive Regulatory Functions, ECSA
KMG is a proud member of these two fine entrepreneurial support incubators
University of Surrey - Set Squared Surrey
Entrepreneurs are Great - UK






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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
Alvin Toffler - Futurist

We add value in knowledge-intensive environments 

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Master Licensors
& Franchisors;
Knowledge "Tribes"
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Training &
 Advisory & Consulting;
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Social Impact & Transformation;
Change, Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity
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Academia & 
Global Alumni; Graduate   Programs; 
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Professional Bodies;
Learned Societies;
 Standards Generating Bodies

Our Global Channels

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A global team in a world-class UK eco-system
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