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the early-career growth potential of graduates and apprentices.

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The cornerstone of any industry is not just knowledge passed down through the years, but rather wisdom woven into the fabric of practical, everyday application.


Knowledge Mentoring Global’s mission is to catalyze the growth of early-career graduates and apprentices. Our solutions streamline their journey towards becoming seasoned professionals, expertly adept at navigating the complexities of their fields, to the benefit of both the individual and the organisation.

Why does it matter?

Because the landscape of industry knowledge is rapidly transforming, and with it, the need for more and more competent new professionals who can advance the science of breakthrough engineering solutions that minimize errors, boost efficiency, and drive innovation.


We are standing at the precipice of a skills revolution – one where seasoned expertise is retiring at a pace faster than it's being replaced, and where academic and professional institutions are struggling to keep up with the dynamic demands of modern industries.


The annual cost to global economies reaches into tens of billions of Pounds.

What's driving the crisis?

  • Ageing expert knowledge base

  • Rapidly changing demographics

  • Slow response by Academic & Professional Institutions

The result: A lack of competent new professionals






KMG is not just a bridge over this burgeoning skills gap;
it's a force multiplier for human potential.

Our Software with a Service (SwaS) platform is the nexus where advanced technology meets four decades of domain knowledge.
The methodology ensures that the next generation of engineering professionals isn't just ready for the task at hand but equipped to redefine what's possible.
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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffler - Futurist

Adding value in knowledge-intensive environments 

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Master Licensors
& Franchisors;
Knowledge "Tribes"
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Training & Development; Advisory & Consulting; Mentorship
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Social Impact & Transformation;
Change, Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity
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Academia & 
Global Alumni; Graduate Programs; Apprenticeships
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Professional Bodies;
Learned Societies;
 Standards Generating Bodies


  • Small and local

  • Large and international

  • All Commonwealth Countries

  • Bespoke Career Frameworks

  • Social Impact

  • Structured Mentoring

A diverse global team headquartered at the Surrey Technology Centre office

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