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Because you don't know
what your people don't know...

Knowledge Mentor App and HQ
...and there are important questions that Google can’t answer.

We develop transformative mobile learning technology for the rapidly evolving 21st century organisation.
Our B2B2C mobile App solutions enable ease and speed of access to frequently needed knowledge in a nurturing and context-rich eco-system that ensures a transformative learning experience.
University of Surrey - Set Squared Surrey
Our program-based mobile solutions solve common knowledge problems, create new value and accelerate young careers through sharing scarce and critical skills and knowledge.

A proud member of:

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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
Alvin Toffler - Futurist
We recognise that our ability to make a real difference and ensure meaningful global impact will be achieved through "Smart Partnering".

We embrace the concept of sharing, caring, and daring through our global smart partner network.

Our global network is made up of channels, regions, licensees, and franchisees.

Our smart partners have proven expertise across multiple key market sectors.
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Master Licensors
& Franchisors;
Knowledge "Tribes"
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Training &
 Advisory & Consulting;
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Social Impact & Transformation;
Change, Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity
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Academia & 
Global Alumni; Graduate   Programs; 
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Professional Bodies;
Learned Societies;
 Standards Generating Bodies
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Social Impact

Do Good at
Great Scale

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Our Global Channels

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Mentoring 4 Success (Pty) Ltd

Knowledge Mentoring (Global)


Knowledge Management  Institute



Knowledge Mentoring Institute

(New Zealand) Ltd

Mentoring 4 Success (UK) Limited

A global team in a world-class eco-system

Knowledge Mentoring (Global) Limited (“KMG”) is a UK-based thought leader in mobile App and web portal development designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for context-rich mobile knowledge management and long-term career mentoring.

We develop bespoke IP through our methodology-enabling mobile Apps and analytic dashboard solutions which provide organisations and communities with the critical ability to manage and monitor the continued sharing of knowledge and experience across their organisations - even whilst working remotely

Our on-going research and experience in some tough learning environments shows that modern learners, from students to young professionals, have some very common needs in these uncertain and challenging times, typified by a constant and daily need for: 


  • Access to personalised "context and care" on demand

  • Sense-making with personalised meaning

  • Cognitive adaptability to unpredicted change

  • Meaningful psycho-social mentoring and support

  • Common purpose and a sense of belonging

  • Collective well-being and group care

  • Personalised and immediatecareer guidance

  • An intersection of growth and fun

There has never been a more important time than right now to implement mobile App-enabled knowledge mentoring and career acceleration in your organisations and communities.


KMG is a proud member of the UK Government DIT Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) as well as a participating member of the Set Squared technology incubator. We are based at the Surrey Technology Centre within the Research Park of Surrey University (UK). We enjoy the support of a global executive brains trust and a network of well-established Channel Partners, Regional Partners, Franchisees and Licencees 

Learn more by getting in touch with KMG below - or through one of our Global Channel Partners:

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